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Bluetooth lock APP lock VS Wifi lock:

Bluetooth lock APP lock VS Wifi lock:


1.Bluetooth lock: As its name implies, the Bluetooth lock has a built-in Bluetooth module, which enables mobile phone Bluetooth connection to be applied and managed.

2. Bluetooth module: All existing Bluetooth locks use Bluetooth 4.0 communication module. Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest Bluetooth version in 2012 and is an upgraded version of 3.0. It is more power-efficient, lower cost, 3 milliseconds, lower latency, longer effective connection distance, AES-128 encryption, etc. than 3.0 version. Controller, bluetooth speaker headset, etc.

3. The difference between Bluetooth lock and Wifi lock: Bluetooth lock and WiFi lock both need to be managed by APP software. After adding a gateway to Bluetooth lock, it can achieve the same remote control functions as WIFI lock, including remote unlocking and locking. , Password authorization management, query of unlock records, and other remote functions.

4.Gateway means: The gateway is connected to the wireless network, and the door lock is connected to the gateway to implement the wifi lock function. This intermediate bridge is the gateway. Network: WiFi2.4G
                     IEEE standard: 802.11b / g / n

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