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Here 6 Benefits Of Using Smart Locks That You Might Not Know

Here 6 Benefits Of Using Smart Locks That You Might Not Know

Smart door locks are locks that are improved versions of traditional mechanical locks. They are smarter and simpler in terms of user security, identification and management.

Smart door locks are the actuating components of door locks in an access control system. Unlike traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks are composite locks that are secure, convenient, and technologically advanced.

There are various types of smart locks including Wi-Fi smart locks, Bluetooth smart locks, fingerprint access smart locks, app access smart locks, card access smart locks, digital smart locks, and more.

Let's take a look at the benefits of smart locks.

6 benefits of using smart locks

1.Automatic anti-lock function



In traditional mechanical locks, we have to manually lock with a key when we go out.  It’s easy to accidentally forget the lock. At this time, you are most afraid of thieves coming in, and you will fall into infinite worries and troubles. 

But smart locks are different. Fully automatic smart locks are generally equipped with automatic anti-locking function as standard, one-key locking, which is safe and convenient. 

Automatic anti-lock is easy and safe, brings better security to the family. Digital Door Lock and smart digital lock are the best smart lock. They all have this feature.

2. Anti-theft version of the alarm function

The alarm function of the smart lock is divided into anti-theft alarm, low battery alarm and trial and error alarm.

Anti-burglary alarm means that when the smart lock is damaged by external violence, the alarm system can be started immediately. Turn on the alarm sound while automatically sending warning information to the owner's mobile phone to prevent thieves from breaking into the home.

Low battery alarm means that when the battery power is lower than the minimum value, the smart lock will emit an alarm sound, suggesting that the battery power is low, please charge.

Trial and error alarm means that either fingerprint or password operation fails to open the lock more than 5 times (factory setting value). When this happens, the smart lock will sound an alarm and then the system activates self-protection measures.

All of our smart lock products have this function.

3.Normally open function

In order to prevent the deadbolt from popping out or the deadbolt accidentally damaged due to strong impact, the smart lock is usually equipped with a normally open function as standard. 

When the smart lock is set to normally open mode, it is open and will not lock automatically. It can be fully closed and locked by manual operation.

4.Record query

It is impossible to talk about record queries with traditional mechanical locks. Today, smart locks are generally equipped with the unlocking record query function as standard. You can view unlock information through system settings. 

It is convenient to understand the entry and exit of the family members. In other words, you can try biometric lock door.

5.Information management function

The information management functions mainly include the functions of adding, modifying, deleting user information. User information mainly includes fingerprint information and usage information. 

One of the main uses of this function is to improve the convenience of the smart lock. For example, when a relative needs to stay at home for a few days, as long as the relative’s fingerprint entered into the smart lock, the relative can freely open the smart lock without having to configure the key for the relative. 

After relatives leave, as long as the fingerprint information is deleted, the door will not be opened. Smart Lock is Smart Keyless Entry, door lock keyless the best smart door lock to select.

6.Voice prompt operation function

What are the benefits of smart lock for elders and kids? Intelligent operation settings and convenient voice prompts let them easy to operation. 

People who don’t know how to operate can follow the prompts to complete the operation step by step. Make them feel comfortable and proficient during the operation. 

Thereby causing more people feel the convenience brought by technology and gradually make smart door locks popularized and reduce exclusion.

To sum up, above is the content of the benefits of smart locks. The most important is guarantee your personal safety. The popularization of whole-house intelligence is an imperative trend in the Internet era, and more and more people are beginning to realize the changes that smart products have on our lives. Smart locks really save people from the pain of forgetting their keys and solve people’s basic needs.

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  • Shammy Peterson

    I found it helpful when you said that automatic smart locks could eliminate your worries and troubles because they are generally equipped with automatic anti-locking features. This makes me consider upgrading the security system of the two-story house that I purchased two months ago. I am planning to move some of my valuables there starting next month, so it is necessary for me to ensure that my house is going to be safe from criminals and other unauthorized people. https://www.frostsecurity.com.au/electronic-security

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