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The difference between smart lock and mechanical lock

The difference between smart lock and mechanical lock


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Whether your business needs the flexibility of having many employees able to access your front doors or you want to ensure that no one unable to access your business’ premises after hours, electronic locks can offer significant convenience and security to your place of business.what do you need to know about the similarities and differences between traditional mechanical locks and newer smart lock?

Smart lock: Different from traditional mechanical locks, it is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management. Mainly in hotel locks / home improvement locks / bluetooth apartment locks
  1. Traditional mechanical door lock: the whole of the lock is composed of mechanical parts


2. Intelligent door lock: The whole of the lock is not only composed of mechanical parts, but also has a built-in circuit board and system.
                   Door lock can be unlcoked via ID card / password / fingerprint / mechanical key / mobile app / WiFi remotegateway.


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