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What material is a smart lock made of?

What material is a smart lock made of?

At present, the materials used on the smart lock panel mainly include the following: iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, plastic, glass, etc.
Among them, plastic and glass are relatively rare.
Stainless steel:
① The so-called stainless steel panel generally refers to 304 # stainless steel, and some are 316 medical grade stainless steel. It is common to consider cost issues.   201 # and 403 #.
② The thickness of general stainless steel panel is about 2.0mm. Some manufacturers use less than 2.0mm thickness to save costs.

③ Distinguish between stainless steel and non-stainless steel panels, try with magnets, 304 and 316 cannot be sucked.
④ Advantages: durable, simple surface treatment, strong reliability, strong corrosion resistance, the surface is not easy to damage, the cost is not high, and the weight is moderate.
⑤ Disadvantages: molding is difficult, the price is more expensive than other materials
2. Aluminum alloy:
① There are many names now, space aluminum, magnesium aluminum alloy, and pure aluminum.
The alloy material is one of the ideal materials for smart door locks.

② The thickness of the general panel is concentrated in the thickness of 2mm, and some are thicker to ensure the strength.

③ The material that distinguishes zinc alloy and aluminum alloy is generally not easy to distinguish from appearance and weight.
④ Advantages: moderate cost, easy molding, easy coloring, easy processing, surface oxide layer is not easy to fall off, light weight.

⑤ Disadvantages: high environmental pressure, poor market acceptance, relatively difficult surface treatment, poor corrosion resistance, and average material strength
3. Iron:
① Iron is the largest user of door lock applications. In fact, although the strength, surface treatment, and molding are not as good as stainless steel, it is the most economical.
 The highest ratio, but in the era of smart door locks, iron has been surpassed by other materials, especially zinc alloys.

② Advantages: high strength, sufficient weight, moderate molding difficulty, and low surface treatment and electroplating.

③ Disadvantages: average strength, complex materials, and average surface corrosion resistance.

4. Zinc alloy:
① General zinc alloy mainly refers to zinc alloy material. Its cost performance advantage has led to the current smart door lock panel material.
 A big company, occupying an absolute mainstream share.

② The method of distinguishing zinc alloy: Turn the panel over, the inside is gray, or you can clearly see the stained traces. Generally,
It's a zinc alloy, but of course it's heavy. The method to distinguish between good and bad: look at the surface treatment, touch the surface with your hand, no burrs, no surface shedding,
 Look at the glare against the strong light, and let the glare move. If it is straight and smooth, it should be good.

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