Will my lock still work if the lights go out?

If the power goes out in your house, your lock will continue to work without any problems as it is battery operated. This means you can continue to open the door from the outside or the inside without any problems.

What if my lock battery dies?

If completely drained, you can use one of the two physical keys or the micro USB port to provide instant power to the lock and replace the battery. Please note that the port will not charge the battery or the lock and should only be used in an emergency. However, in the TTlock/Tuya app you can view the percentage of energy remaining.

What if I forget to lock the door?

Don't worry! Our factory locks have automatic locks that activate 5 seconds after you open the door. The duration of these seconds can be adjusted according to your lock system. In the case of smart systems, from the lock panel. (See manual or contact us).

What if I lose my mobile phone?

Your account is secure in the cloud, allowing you to log in from any other device. By doing so, the account on the lost phone will be automatically closed, preventing others from accessing your account.

Can the lock be left outside?

We have weatherproof models. The front panels of these locks are specifically designed to withstand rain and sunlight. It is important to remember that the back of the lock should not get wet so it is recommended that it is under a roof or covered.

Does my lock need a gateway to work?

The TTlock app does not require a gateway to operate and use as it operates via Bluetooth. However, having it allows you to access it remotely by clicking on the app, as well as registering, removing permissions and viewing access history in real time. Note:Locks with the TTlock smart system do not require a gateway.