General FAQ

APP using & wifi remoted

Yes, you can send ekey or passcode remotely to your guest anywhere.
But if you need to open the lock remotely from app, pls buy a gateway (also called hub) to connect your home wifi network.
only with gateway and connect with wifi, the lock can be opened by app remotely.

Our lock can be connected to the internet to lock & unlock remotely but it needs to buy our gateway or hub to get this wifi or remote function. Feel free to contact with us for extra hub.

Yes that option is in the app

Yes, Timed passcode can be set on app, even specific hours, days.

Yes, you can set many passcodes.

One App can control 4 doors. One mobile or account can connect unlimited locks but one lock can only be connected by one account if already connected.

Yes, ekey has no limit. you can set them as you need.

Bluetooth is th main connection. if you need to connect wifi, you need buy extra gateway(hub)to support.It is a tool for you to open the lock with app remotely even in far distance. Even without it, you can still send passcode or ekey and give access to others to open the door, check the door opening records, and manage your keys on app. Hub is a optional tool.